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Constantina Katsari

Dr. Constantina Katsari

Constantina is an entrepreneur, former academic and marketing expert that manages innovative products and projects for tech companies. She works on tight deadlines and offers excellent skills in identifying product value for existing or new market segments.

Her company, Ekonomia, is dedicated to helping tech businesses achieve high growth.

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An experienced entrepreneur, product and project manager, former academic, and mentor who specialises on high growth tech businesses

  • She understands technology 
  • She is agile and lean 
  • She is an expert in customer development 
  • She is results oriented 
  • She has extensive entrepreneurial experience

It is no longer safe to achieve a bearably sustainable yearly growth. Tech businesses are forced to innovate continuously.

Throwing new products into the market may be necessary but it is also a time consuming and expensive process.

Remove the risk by hiring experienced product management consultants with a passion for disruptive innovation.

Constantina will help your team develop the right product for the right customer.


Project development is essential for every tech company that continues to innovate.

Create a lean and agile environment by hiring expert consultants who understand how to drive effectively a new project.

Project Management

Lean and Agile Project Management is the best way to complete any project with the minimum waste in time and money. This type of management is value driven and customer driven in all stages. It is especially effective in software projects that need to be continuously tested.

Constantina’s team takes the most challenging projects and turns them into a resounding success. We emphasize on business modelling, customer development and marketing.

Product Management

Building software products for internal use or for the wider public should be done with the help of lean and agile methodologies. The product manager is there to refine the strategy, the roadmap and the features of the final outcome. We emphasize on its co-creation with the customers, and we focus on never ending customer development.

Constantina is always happy to have a chat about how she can help your tech business. You can be certain that you will discuss your business model and what you are trying to achieve with your new product with an expert in the field.

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Products and Projects

This is a list of the products and projects we completed in the past three years.

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