We will help you secure funding for your business. We will make you investment ready. We will secure public grants or loans. Alternatively, we will organise a crowdfunding campaign. All financial tools are available to you.

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Product Launch

We help businesses create marketable prototypes, launch innovative products and develop a market for their services. Our team of experts takes care of all aspects of strategy, marketing, market segmentation and optimisation of sales.

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High Growth

We ensure the acceleration of Business Growth through Innovation. We facilitate changes in your organisation, especially with regard to innovation, marketing, branding and operations.

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High Growth and Innovation Consultancy
for tech businesses

High Growth


Ekonomia is a consultancy specialising on business building and growing. We are a team of entrepreneurs, academics and software developers helping businesses grow at an accelerated pace, so that they conquer new or existing markets. Effectively, we pursuit scalable and repeatable business models. Our secret tools are Lean Startup and Disruptive Innovation!

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Current Work

We work with a series of clients on launching innovative projects and growing their businesses. We are very proud to present here our latest collaborations.

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Some of the Other Services of EKONOMIA

We will present here some of the services available for tech companies, which focus on the creation of innovative products. We use the latest tools to grow these businesses. We focus on disruptive innovation, lean startup methodology, and design thinking for better results.

Acceleration programs

We offer acceleration programs for large corporations. Internal or external teams may launch a series of innovative spin-off products. Or a series of business problems will be solved, while you are in complete control of the outcome.

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We take entrepreneurs and/ or intrapreneurs through courses (lectures, seminars and hands-on exercises) to teach them innovation and business development. We emphasize on business modelling, customer development and marketing.

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Public lectures

We give public lectures on topics such as rapid prototyping, disruptive innovation, lean startups, agile development, design thinking, entrepreneurship, funding and high growth.

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Sponsors, Partners and Collaborators

We believe strongly in collaborations and partnerships as a way to move forward faster.

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