The 7 elements for high growth

Disruptive Innovation

Innovation is one of the most essential components for achieving high growth! Its value has been appreciated when the ‘experts’ realised that large corporations who did not innovate died a slow and painful death. I am here to help you appreciate the power of innovation and harness it for your advantage. I can offer my insights to your teams and potential innovators in your business.

The Art of Entrepreneurship

As a serial entrepreneur, I understand how to start, grow and scale a business. I can teach you and your employees how to become more entrepreneurial. I can help you get the characteristics you need to drive your company forward. I will show you how to take educated risks without fear, and conquer all adversity. Entrepreneurship can be learned through a series of simple exercises.

Business Modelling

Setting the right global strategy for innovative software products is part of the value I offer. I have a strong understanding of the bigger economic picture; and I can place your company within it. I take into account economic and social developments, the competitive environment, and the technological strength of the business. And then I can create or transform your business model.

Process Automation

I can ensure the acceleration of Business Growth through the Automation of Business Processes.  Automation will help you reduce financial costs, and time waste. Thus, profits will increase exponentially. I run a team of experts that will come into your business, they will find out which processes can get automated, and they will automate them. As simple as that!

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Customer Development

Customer Development is the art of finding new customers for innovative products. If your product is entirely new, then I will help you find your ideal customer in the UK and beyond. Or I will help you sell your tech invention to your old customers. I will also show you how to use analytics and how to appreciate the power of numbers.

Growth Hacking

I have a team that can hack the growth of your software products. We use continuous testing; we have radical ideas; we use inspiring marketing processes; we tap into internet resources; this way, we can expand your growth exponentially. The rewards will come back to your business multi-multi-multi fold.


I will help you secure funding for your software business in order to pay for your growth. Whether you want to become investment ready, secure public grants or loans, or organise a crowdfunding campaign, I will provide you with the right financial tools to achieve your targets.

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High Growth System
for tech businesses

Dr. Constantina Katsari

Dr. Constantina Katsari - Muston

Constantina is an entrepreneur, academic and marketing expert that helps tech companies achieve High Growth. She can engineer businesses growth at an accelerated pace, so that you may become investment ready and head to a profitable exit. Effectively, you will achieve a scalable and repeatable business model at record time.

Her company, Ekonomia, is dedicated to creating high growth for tech businesses.

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An experienced entrepreneur, academic, mentor and investor who specialises on high growth tech businesses

  • She understands technology 
  • She can harness Disruptive Innovation
  • She has access to funding 
  • She is results oriented 
  • She has extensive entrepreneurial experience

It is no longer safe to achieve a bearably sustainable yearly growth. Investors, public funding bodies, and your own customers expect you to grow at he speed of light!

Creating a sustainable business with growth of around 5-10% per year should NOT be your aim. Such businesses tend to become vulnerable and easy prey for their competitors. Instead, you should be aiming for multiplication of your revenues.

Only High Growth will allow you to survive, expand and lead a prosperous organisation.


If you read this page, you probably aspire to leading a much more profitable organisation. Do you intend to multiply your profits this year? How are you planning to achieve your aims?

The acceleration of growth may be an important component of your business model but very few businesses seem to make it to the finish line. Very few inspired leaders grow their company at the desired speed, without taking any unnecessary risks that will put their future at stake.

We understand the pitfalls of high growth software businesses and we are here to help.


Here in Ekonomia, we decided to use High Growth business technology to help our clients! We use elements of lean manufacturing, lean startup, design thinking and disruptive innovation in order to achieve better results.

You could accelerate growth through our Business Growth Program, which emphasizes on innovation and lean techniques. Alternatively, we could create a custom program for your own needs.

How EKONOMIA can help

We focus is on the seven most essential high growth elements:

* Disruptive Innovation *Entrepreneurship *

   *  Business Modelling * Automation *

Customer Development *

Growth hacking *  Funding *


Constantina’s team takes entrepreneurs and/ or intrapreneurs through courses (lectures, seminars and hands-on exercises) to teach them innovation and business development. We emphasize on business modelling, customer development and marketing.

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Public lectures

Constantina gives public lectures on topics such as rapid prototyping, disruptive innovation, lean startups, agile development, design thinking, entrepreneurship, funding and high growth.

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Constantina is always happy to have a chat about how she can help your tech business. Once she understands your business model and what you are trying to achieve, she will advise you on the steps you can take to achieve high growth. She will implement her own system for better and faster results.

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