Most blogs dedicate their space to give advice on how to build a business. I found long, and incredibly useful, articles on how to do the marketing, how to get customers, how to create a funnel, how to open an e-shop, how to sell, how, how, how. Very few of them, though, concentrate on how NOT to do these things.

And yet, we humans are supposed to learn from our mistakes. These mistakes are part of an elaborate learning process that gives value to our business in every turn.

Temporarily I have forgotten this principle. So, today I was complaining to my husband about all the mistakes I am making and how these are slowing me down considerably. He was very kind to remind me of Thomas Edison’s (alleged) quote:

 “I have not failed 1000 times. I have successfully discovered 1000 ways to NOT make a light bulb”.

 I think it would be useful for me and you (faithful readers), if I started a series of blog posts on all of the mistakes we usually make in the process of building a business. I will start putting them together, one at a time, as I encounter them in colleagues’, clients’ and friends’ businesses. And I will present them here in individual posts.

Don’t worry, I will mention no names. I will just describe the mistakes in generic terms, so that the audience cannot identify the specific business or person.

When I reach No. 1000, I will throw a massive beach party in Greece, in which all of my followers will be invited, to celebrate human folly! And that is a promise!