I prefer focussing on results rather than on a specific method. However, in order to get results in customer development, I need to focus on both lean methodology and growth hacking. A lot has been said about these two methods. But who knows what is the point of connection?

Let us explore lean methodology first. The principles behind it have been tested extensively for the past decade. So far, we know that it can be applied successfully in the most difficult of innovative businesses. If you have a new product or service in your hands. If you do not know you customer. If your market territory is unknown. If your channels are not well defined. Then, the lean way is the only way. The path you have chosen is risky, exciting and potentially very profitable.

On the other hand, growth hacking is all about new and innovative marketing. If you use standard SEO or pay per click, forget it! Growth hacking is not for your business. You will need to think of new avenues to walk on. Famous examples are the Tupperware parties of the 1950s. Or the unique customer experience you can have in Apple stores. Or the exclusive use of paypal on Ebay. Or the Retweets in twitter. This is true, unique, innovative growth hacking. If your business is innovative, high risk and exciting, then growth hacking is the only way for you.

So, what are the similarities between lean methodology and growth hacking? They both address problems of high risk, innovative businesses that are selling unique products to new markets. The results are extraordinary and in direct proportion to the high profits. If you have such a business, do not waste any time and money in traditional marketing. Grasp the opportunity and embrace the new methods to success.

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