I am certain you have heard of the Law of Attraction long before I wrote this blog post. The idea was stated for the first time as early as 1906, when William Walker Atkinson published his book “Thought Vibration or the Law of Attraction in the Thought World”. In his treatise he made clear that ‘like attracts like’. His statement easily reminds us of the fundamental principle of homeopathic treatments that ‘like cures like’.

The Law of Attraction became the basic idea behind Napoleon Hill’s books “The Laws of Success in 16 Lessons” and “Think and Grow Rich”. It is not coincidence that both of these books were written during the Great Depression, as it is no coincidence that the Law of Attraction is again in the news. After all, in both historical periods emotions reached an all time low, because of the economic downturn. The term ‘depression’ characterises both the emotional and the economic aspects of our lives.

If you want to survive this economic crisis, if you want to become creative once more and produce wealth, you should follow a few basic steps, as these are mapped in the Law of Attraction.

1. The most important step is to work through all the negative feelings that have been accumulated over the past few years. If you begin by thinking ‘I do not have enough money/ wealth/ possessions now’, this negative starting point will affect your future actions. If you believe that you are disadvantaged, unhappy, poor, in some need, you will not be able to produce anything meaningful. How can you produce something out of nothing? Zero cannot multiplied.

So, it is essential to believe that your possessions are sufficient, that you are happy in your current situation and that you have enough to be content. Once you establish your contentment, you may seek the amelioration of your position.

2. The next step is to imagine your affluent future now. This future should be experienced visually, in auditory term and kinesthetically in as much details as possible. For example, you should set a clear monetary target for the next ten years. Let’s assume that your target is to get 10 million. You should be asking yourself the following questions.

Are these ten million in money or in assets?

What is the currency you have in mind?

What is the lifestyle you are leading?

Where do you leave? Is it a mansion? Is it a flat in New York? Do you have several properties?

In what type of companies are you investing?

Do you have a pension plan? What does it consist of?

How does success look like, feel like, sound like?

… and so forth. The more details you come up with, the more real it becomes. Once the targets have been set, it will become a lot easier to focus and take the necessary actions to achieve them.

3. Ban all negative thinking in the process for success. There are always setbacks in our lifetime. These should be taken as ways of learning that will lead to an improvement of our situation. If you start thinking that a disaster will happen, it most certainly will. In order to help you I wrote this article on 17 Ways to Handle Entrepreneurial Stress.

In this process, fear may become your worst enemy. If you let fear get hold of you, then you will have to face obstacles constantly. Fear is an emotion that spreads fast and takes over your life even faster. If you remain fearful and a setback takes place, the disappointment could become overwhelming and stop you from achieving your goals.

4. There are several ways to train your mind in positivity. In the first instance you should avoid the obvious sources of negativity; tv news being one of them. Journalists do not report the beautiful aspects of life. Instead, they focus on the disasters, grueling episodes of war, fanatic riots and all sorts of violence. Similarly, lawyers must have a very dim view of life, as they deal with conflict. So, avoid these two obvious sources of stress and any others that tend to take over your life.

5. Meditation is an excellent way to find internal peace and enhance positive thinking. It is affordable, it does not take a lot of time and it guarantees astonishing results. There are probably several meditation groups in your neighbourhood. Just go and visit a few, before you decide to join the one that fits better your personality.

The brain is a muscle that needs constant training. Meditative techniques make the emotional aspects of your brain stronger. They also strengthen your resolve and may see you through adversities. You do not have to be religious or spiritual to take advantage of them, although such traits could be an asset.

6. I have one last very easy, and very practical piece of advice. Since ‘like attracts like’ you should not forget to keep some cash in your pocket. It may be 20 pounds/ dollars/ euros to start with. Once you earn more money, you can carry with you larger amounts.

You do not have to spend them or flash them in front of your friends. Just keep them safe in an inner pocket, knowing that you can use them, if you need to. This knowledge will give you self-confidence and an ‘air of wealth’.

Intentions are formed gradually. Becoming a positive thinker is also a process that takes time. So, you should not expect immediate results. Take your time to grow as a person and as an entrepreneur and let negativity disappear gradually from your life. Set your targets clearly in front of you and take the necessary steps to turn them into your cherished reality. Depending on your mental abilities you should be able to see the first results within a few short months.

Image source: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Greek_Wedding_Photography_Money_Dance.jpg