Guess why I have chosen to write this post now! Yes, that’s right! I have been procrastinating writing my next blog post. Usually, it is the other way around. I use social media as the ultimate form of procrastination!

Anyway, you must have been in a similar position before. You just started your own business, you feel a bit lonely, there are no concrete results at hand (money), and your sense of direction may be getting a bit confused. No worries! Everyone goes through this.

The ones who conquer their procrastinating habits are the final winners. So, I will offer here a few ways to help you out with the problem.

1. Write a blog post about how to beat procrastination! In my case, I hope it will help me focus and get back on the saddle (metaphorically speaking)!

2. Use Neurolingusistic programming. Since I got my NLP degree, I think this is the solution for everything. OK, not absolutely everything but in the case of procrastination there is a winning technique called ‘chaining anchors’. It works like a charm, if the practitioner knows what s/he is doing. Check it out in Google.

3. Acknowledge your emotions. In the majority of cases, fear is the emotion that causes procrastination. Identify the source of your fear, acknowledge its existence and let it go. It may not be easy but, in the end, it will bring a great sense of relief.

4. Break down the task at hand into baby steps. You may be feeling overwhelmed by the magnitude of the task you need to complete. Building a business is not a small thing. It takes all of your attention and energy. So, divide your work into smaller parts and focus on one of them at a time. Start from the smallest and easiest one. The sense of achievement you will feel when you complete it will keep you going for a long time.

5. Celebrate your little victories. Business building is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Do not forget the congratulate yourself about your achievements, no matter how small they are. Pat yourself on the back and move on to your next task. This way you will enjoy the trip more and you will keep the urge to get to the finish line.

6. Compile a to-do list and time each and every task. The worse part of an entrepreneur’s schedule is that it is too flexible. So, if you create your own routine and stick with it, you may just about be able to focus better.

7. Empty your room from any visible distractions. Delete the addictive computer games, hide the musical instruments, unplug the tv, get rid of the radio, turn the phone off or(in my case) store the cleaning equipment. Out of sight, out of mind!

Bottom line, empty your mind from negative thoughts and your room from distractions. And if none of the above works, call me and we will procrastinate together. I know, I am hopeless but there is no magic trick in getting back on track.