A few months ago we were mentors at the Weekend Accelerator Launch48 in Birmingham. Over the space of a weekend we guided, advised and had sheer fun with 4 startup businesses. The projects were truly exciting, ranging from services for golf clubs to information security products. We are now following the progress of these startups, who (most of them) decided that it is worth pursuing the original idea into the ‘real’ business world.

As we participated actively in the event, we increasingly realised the value for the startups. People who did not have entrepreneurial experience or concrete ideas about product found themselves in the precarious situation of building their own future company. In the space of 48 hours with our help and their computers, they managed to create viable teams and to pursuit customer development.

The aim was to create a demo of their product and service, so that they find their first customer over the weekend. Even if they have not managed to reach their original goal, they still got invaluable experience of how it is to participate in a startup. They also experienced the power of customer development and how essential it is for the development of the business.

We, as mentors, got also very excited with the process as well as the results. So, we decided to bring this incredible experience also to Athens. In collaboration with Launch48 and Colab, we will be organising a similar event on 10-12 January 2014. Since it is the first time Launch48 is coming to Greece and we still feel the results of the economic crisis, we decided to keep the ticket at their lowest. The event will be bilingual, Greek and English.

The whole weekend will cost only 25 euros. During this time you will receive the following.

a) 5 meals

b) 5+ mentors

c) support from experienced trainers

For more information check out http://launch48/athensweekend or contact directly Spiros Kapetanakis at [email protected] Alternatively, you may call Spiros at +30 212 1022995.