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B.A., Ph.D., F.R.N.S., P.G.C.H.E.

Dr. Constantina Katsari

C.E.O, N.E.D.

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Constantina's Story

Dr. Constantina Katsari-Muston acquired her entrepreneurial spirit at a very young age. She dabbed into property development, since she was 19 years old. She amassed an impressive portfolio over the years, while she was developing her academic career in economic history.

By 2008 she realised that academia was not the right environment for her entrepreneurial pursuits. She set up an e-commerce company in Greece, offering fashion accessories and jewellery to a then underdeveloped market. Its success was halted by Greece’s insolvency.

While she was looking for new and exciting opportunities, she realised that she had a talent for translating technology into a business. She set up an Incubator for tech startups in Leicester, which she run for a year, before she decided to expand. Now she runs a Virtual Accelerator for Startups, Startdoms. The company offers courses on entrepreneurship to Universities, Colleges, Businesses and Incubators. Every year it takes hundreds of startups from idea stage to investment readiness!

Because of her background in tech entrepreneurship, she is keenly aware of the problems business founders face. This is why she created Ekonomia. The consultancy offers product management and project management to tech companies who aim at disrupting the market.

She is here to offer experienced insights and hands-on support for the development of your business.

She is currently a coFounder of Keyping https://www.keyping.co.uk/

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Constantina cares about tech businesses with high growth potential. She does not stand at the outskirts of the business offering distant advice. She is a hands-on entrepreneur who does not mind ‘getting deeply involved’!

  • She will manage your innovative products 
  • She will conduct all customer development 
  • She will implement lean and agile methods 
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We will implement lean and agile techniques to develop your products

We implement continuous and disruptive innovation

We will set the right strategy for your business to become more innovative and achieve the highest possible growth.

We use Design Thinking to foster creativity in solving your problems.
We implement qualitative and quantitative research in order to identify new markets.

Innovative Products 90%

Disruption 80%

High Growth 90%

Automation 95%

Acceleration 99%

Growth Hacking 95%