Have you suffered from writer’s block! I have. Several times in my life time. Even though my colleagues always considered me a prolific writer, my writing does not take place regularly. I spend long periods of time procrastinating (mostly on twitter).

This time my procrastination reached new levels; hence I now have 16000 followers on twitter. So, I decided to take drastic measures. Naively, I thought I could hire someone to write a few blog posts for me. Then I could revise them and unleash them to the world.

At this point, I did not want to hire a ghostwriter on a permanent basis. Consequently I decided to do a gig on Fiverr. If you have never heard about Fiverr, you should check it out. It is the largest database of freelancers for small jobs.

So, I located someone who seemed to be trustworthy, based on the reviews I have read. She took her time but I thought that it should be worth the wait. As an initial task I did not give her a specific topic. I just redirected her on my blog and asked her to improvise.

She came back with 1000 words on Tips on How to Start your Own Business. Can you imagine my indignation when her first tip was to write a Business Plan? A Business Plan! The one thing you should absolutely not waste your time on!

Amidst the first signal of a heart attack and stroke combined, I decided to keep on reading. The second tip would be to Build a Product and They Will Come. At that point my husband was getting ready to call an ambulance.

Thankfully, the rest of the advice was meaningless trivialities not worth of losing my time on. In any case, the whole experience helped me realise the predominance of bad advice over good out there. There is obviously a great number of websites and blogs of self-professed experts that could cause immense damage to startups.

There is obviously not much I can do out there apart from screaming my lungs out and writing (more) often for my small but loyal readership.

Upon reflection, this was the best 5 dollars I have ever spent! It got me out of my lethargy and into writing this blog post. So, thank you dear writer for making me so angry that I started blogging again.

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