I cannot think of anything more useless in the first stages of customer development than issuing feedback forms and asking your ‘customers’ to fill them up.

Many-a-time startups approached me to ask. How do I make a feedback form? How many questions should it include? What should I ask? Should I attach it to my blog?

My answer is always the same: Drop the idea altogether!

I have a series of reasons behind the seemingly abrupt answer and I would like to share it with you.

Forms are one of the most impersonal ‘forms’ of communication I can think of. You will not be able to convey your warm personality, lovely smile and caring attitude.

2) The majority of such forms usually end up in the bin. It takes time and effort to fill them, both of which are precious commodities. Therefore someone will not oblige you unless you offer something tangible. In fact, many large companies offer ‘gifts’ to those who answer. As your product is not yet ready or well known, I doubt you can offer something they will want.

3) It is easier for customers to lie in a form rather than in person. And you will never be able to find out the truth, too.

4) Questions on forms are notorious for ‘guiding’ the answers. They reflect the underlying views of the business owner and not the true views of the customer.

5) Forms, by nature have to be brief and to the point. However, in the first stages of customer development, you will be in desperate need of as many answers as possible. The answers need to be elaborate, deep and truthful.

6) Forms do not give you all of the characteristics of your customer. This process certainly has more gaps than any other.

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