Several years after social media entered our lives, the hype is still there! I have never seen so many workshops on how to use social media for your businesses! I have never listened to how many lectures on ways to convert Facebook Likes into customers!

In principle, I am a big fan of social media. When I started blogging all these years ago, I also dedicated a large piece of my precious time in facebook and twitter. And I never looked back! There is no doubt that Facebook Likes and Twitter Followers can be converted into paying customers!

It is wrong, though, to assume that social media is always an integral component of every marketing campaign. Or worse! To consider that social media is the only way to market our products or services.

At this point I would like to ring the bells of doom. I strongly believe that there is no prescribed recipe for marketing, as many would like you to think. There is no one pathway to success. There is no one blueprint to millionaire status.

As with all other aspects of your business model, the ingredients of your marketing campaign will be unique and will depend on the type and specific stage of your business. For example, if you are selling toys for toddlers, facebook may be a good idea to start with, while you will probably lose a lot of time, if you focus on twitter. And so forth…

Think of your marketing campaign as a soup. All soups may belong to the same food category but one may be based on lentils and tomatoes, while the other will include chicken and lemongrass. I am sure their demographics will be different, even if they sell with the same frequency, from the same supermarket shelf. If you try to put the ingredients of all soups into one jar, I doubt anyone will buy the results.