The past few decades we have been caught in a constant struggle to do more, produce more, work more, stay at the office longer hours, write longer reports, create more workload for the people around us.

This tendency is part of a new work ethic that justifies the basic principles of capitalist societies in western Europe and in the States. And we try to indoctrinate our kids also to this ethic. How many times did you compliment your son or daughter for working hard and long hour on a project at school or at home?

Despite the moral grounding for such behaviour, productivity does is not always achieved. Longer hours at the office does not mean that more work will be done. You will probably be able to complete the same jobs as before, while you will feel more tired and dejected. The brain needs time to rest, recharge and come up with new creative ideas.

Similarly, founders abide by the principle that they should always do more. There is always another client to chase, another investor to chase, another process to be implemented. The forget, though, that setting up a business is mainly a creative process. And creativity can only be achieved away from the office, in a relaxing environment, experiencing life as you have never experienced it before.

So, doing less is not just a way to achieve the eluding work – life balance. It is also the only way to build a better business for yourself, your employees and your customers alike.

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