Dan Bernardo, Director of Unruly, is sharing his experience in branding with us


Dan Bernardo appears in this 20 minute video explaining how Branding works.

He starts from the simple point of trying to find who the customer is and who the company is. He insists, though, that the most important aspect is who the owner wants to be. After all, s/he is going to be the one who will take the final decisions.

Then Dan Bernardo explains the process of deciding how to develop a brand. He also emphasizes on the fact that in the first stages of a business customers do not care that much about branding. They enjoy the playful aspects of the image of the business. However, in later stages they all seek a level of consistency.

However, this consistency is endangered every time a new product is produced, which may not be compatible with the old brand. In these cases, it is necessary to keep the core of the brand intact, so that customers can recognise the business.

He finishes by declaring ‘Everything is Branded’.

Overall, the lecture is informative. It focuses mostly on Unruly, his own company, so the lessons tend to be restricted. Otherwise, i would strongly recommend that you distinguish between branding for startups and branding for companies.

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