So, you are about to start your new business or launch your new product. To be on the safe side, you decided to draw very detailed plans around your marketing, your organisation… your future as a business person!

Don’t get me wrong, I am a big fan of processes. They make me feel safe. They allow me to fall into an anticipated routine that has something familiar about it. People who do not like surprises or changes prefer the known rather than the unexpected.

And yet, everything about entrepreneurship is unexpected. You never know where the next sale is going to come from. You can never tell who your next customer will be. Especially, when you start with a new venture, it is impossible to know your business model. It feels as if you stand behind a closed door that you have never crossed before.

If a strategy is set in stone, it does not allow for the necessary flexibility to redefine the business. And the business will need to be redefined several times before it becomes successful.

It is imperative to be flexible in all aspects of the business: the market segment, the channels, the value proposition, the features of the product, even the problem itself. Let’s face it, the characteristics of your ideal client will be changing every week for several months, until they settle in one specific type. The strategy could only cause stress and setbacks that will cost time and money in the process.

So, get ready to expect the unexpected! Prepare yourself for the unknown and leave inflexible processes and systems to larger and more established businesses. Make sure, though, to enjoy the journey and don’t let fear of the unknown to take over.