The last time I went on a holiday was August 2008. I took a VIP trip in Germany in order to get acquainted with the culture and the system in general. The experience was both educational and exhilarating.

Since then, I have not had the opportunity or the inclination to take another holiday. And I would strongly advise you NOT to follow my not-so-bright example.

Holidays are essential for re-charging your batteries, clearing your thoughts and having new experiences. They are the best way to prepare for enhancing not only your personal life but also your business. After all, when you come back, you usually have a lot more strength to face problems and a lot more innovative ideas.

So, why so few people take the opportunity to have a relaxing holiday?

The main issue is the fact that modern society discourages any exhibition of relaxation, apparent idleness, non-productive endeavours. Constant busyness seems to be the acceptable and accepted norm. Divergence for this attitude is frowned upon and punished in many ways.

This behaviour stems probably from the most basic ideals of capitalist societies that encourage constant production and growth. The continuous strive towards higher production is obviously affecting also our personal views of how we should spend our ‘free’ time. Hence, we decided to get rid of ‘free time’ altogether.

Such a decision has, of course, massive impact on our creativity. After all, it has been widely acknowledged that the one game that increases creativity in kids is ‘free’ play. Similarly, the adults’ creative forces are enhanced through non-structured activities. And the only time to engage in such activities is holiday-time or away-from-the-work time.

The possibility of staying away from the job has been decreasing rapidly in the past decade. After all, we are always connected to our email accounts, facebook, linkedin, twitter and other such social media. Employers and employees alike can ‘find’ you lurking in the distant corners of the earth. They can talk to you, ask you for little favours and get you mind back ‘on the ball’.

You know that, if you succumb to such requests, the holidays will be permanently ruined for you and your family alike. How many of you, though, really manage to shut down the constant demands and reconnect with their inner selves in peace?

In some cases, taking a holiday and going abroad is impossible for financial or other reasons. There is always the opportunity to stay home and relax. Turn off the computer, the iphone, the ipad, the tv and any other device that connects you to the outside world. Read a book, listen to music and meditate.

You will be surprised to see how refreshed and creative you will feel after a few ours of introspection and relaxation. So, are you ready for your daily holiday?