I have been going through recent news to find out what is happening in the world, when I bumped into a very interesting article in the Washington Post ‘Driverless cars are coming to roads in Britain in 2015”.

According to the article transformational technology will allow to such vehicles to hit the road in less than six months! In fact ‘startups and car companies are also working on plans to retrofit existing cars with driverless technology. The cars are thought to be safer—guided by dozens of tiny sensors surrounding the vehicle and software that predicts movement of other objects on the road. Their proponents believe they eliminate worries about distracted driving, tiredness, and road rage. These groups are investing in the hope that consumers will get over their initial jitters and come around to their way of thinking that cars are better at this whole driving thing than drivers.’

Suffice to say it is a great opportunity for startups to come up with new solutions to new problems. Before they take the initiative, though, it may be worth it for these new problems to arise.

There is an urban myth out there that the very first innovator, gains substantial chunks of the market. This statement is far from what is happening in reality. The past indicates that the innovator dies penniless, while the fast follower makes all the money.

I have no doubt that the new cars will provide ample business opportunities to enlightened entrepreneurs. I would advise, though, patience in order to avoid costly mistakes. Rushing into an unknown market has major pitfalls that need to be taken into consideration.

Saying that, I should emphasize that the companies that promoted these cars into the market, eg. Google, managed to get a lot of insights into their operation. These will probably have the advantage and undoubtedly will take the opportunity to use their knowledge to expand their current businesses.

For the rest of us mortals, we still have a deep and unknown river to cross!

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