I have just finished the first draft of my next book! I worked solidly on this for the past few weeks, until I saw the blank pages transformed into a dense text.

The working title of the book is Easy Lean Startup. I broke down lean startup methodology to its absolutely basic premises. I included several examples of how it works, so that the book has a practical feel. I avoided all complicated notions and terminology. Above all, Tara Roskell is illustrating it in a way that the book will become self explanatory. There are a lot of cartoons and designed-led pages to satisfy even the most demanding artist!

The purpose behind this book is to allow for more startups to read it. Startups without any previous knowledge of lean methodology or business theory. Startups who are more interested in the workings of the basic principles, rather than the detailed analysis of an MBA author. Startups who want to start today and become successful.

The focus of the book is on how to find customers, how to use tests to enhance business development, how to use basic tools to understand your business, how to create a Minimum Viable Product etc.

As I am getting closer to the final stages of the book, I would like to ask your advice about its publication. For the past two decades I have chosen only prestigious publishing houses or peer-reviewed well-known journals. With this publication I beg to differ but I am at the horns of a dilemma.

  1. Do I self publish in both electronic and paper form?
  2. Do I contact one of the popular presses? And which one could that be? Initially, I thought of contacting Erik Ries to ask him, if he would be interested in incorporating the book in his series. I am not sure, though, this should be the way forward.

I do not often ask for advice but at this stage I am completely mystified at how to proceed. If you let me know of the pros and the cons, I may be able to make an educated decision. I appreciate all the help.

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