Finally! My book is on Amazon! And I am very pleased with the result!

I believe that I have achieved my primary aim: to write an easy book on lean startup methodology. There is no reason to toil through hundred of pages to get to the main points. The lean principles are only a handful and they can be learned quickly.

There is no reason to get lost into a labyrinth of unknown terminology and theoretical concepts. A few practical advice is sufficient for the purpose of a startup.

The idea behind the book is to inspire startups to launch their business immediately. They just need to follow a few basic guidelines that will help them stay on the right track. For the rest, they can improvise depending on the nature of the business.

I never believed in full-proof systems that should be followed. The authors of books that claim the perfect system of starting a business are scamming a lot of new entrepreneurs. There is no set path in the business world. On the contrary, you should only keep in mind a few basic principles that remain unchanged. The rest is a matter of innovative ideas and individual approaches.

So here it goes! You can find the book on Amazon os Scribd. At some point, I will explain in a post how I went through the process of publishing it. Check out the book here.

Eazy Lean Startup