Almost by definition, entrepreneurs are against status quo. I understand that some of you may find such a statement incredulous. And yet, it is true that most entrepreneurs position themselves against large corporations, established business or common practices.

As a result, they are trying to circumvent legal processes that, in most cases, inhibit entrepreneurial activities. Rules and regulations tend to place obstacles to startups. Hence, many organisations and business people ask for more deregulation.

Even though, deregulation sometimes helps the increase of profits, we cannot expect to function in a lawless society. There is a reason for all the rules that have been put in place over several millennia. Whether these regulations help or not entrepreneurship, they should not be dismissed out of hand.

Instead, entrepreneurs could prove their innovative ideas in very difficult environments. It is a common secret that creativity increases, when restrictions are set in place. Boundaries may be there to protect social structures but they can also spark new business ideas.

Being fearful of the Law does not produce any positive actions that could change the world and help people. It paralyses the business person and inhibits further activities. The Law should be seen as a positive spark of creative, which may reform the original idea.