When Steve Blank screamed from the top of his lungs (in writing) his most famous phrase ‘Get out of the building’, many entrepreneurs stood and listened. Steve was encouraging those who until then stayed in their office, bedroom, or shed to get in the real world and meet some of their potential customers.

Only through personal contact can you identify who your ideal client is, who will buy your product, what type of product will they buy and how much they will spend. Only through personal contact can market research be effective and give an accurate picture of the market needs you will be addressing.

The main concern of most startups is how to talk to these people. And most importantly, where to find them.

And my answer is as simple as it can be. Join a Meetup! There are so many Meetup groups out there that cover the needs of most businesses, hobbies, political groups and ideals. Find out in which Meetup your ideal customers will be gathering and join them.

If such a Meetup does not exist, then create your own. It may take time and the process may be frustrating but the end result is very rewarding. Even if you fail in your attempts to gather your ideal customers around you, I can guarantee you will find there your next Best Friend! I know I did!

We have been using Meetups for the past year to foster startup communities in the Midlands, UK and in Greece. During this process we saw many individuals come and go. Others stayed and now became some of the best entrepreneurial advocates in the region. We hope that these Meetups will grow and flourish, so that the community can find the right resources that will cause prosperity and wealth.

If you are a startup or a business owner who continuously innovates, come and find us in some of our Meetups. These are

 Leicester Lean Startups

Birmingham Lean Startups

Athens Lean Startups

Angels and Startups

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