The answer is pretty simple: When your company becomes a verb.

A few years ago I noticed an article in the Economist that mentioned the existence of a new verb in the vocabulary: Google. It exalted the ways Google changed our lives and way of thinking; hence the article advertised the importance of this new business.

Can you think of any other businesses out of which verbs were created? How about Hoover! Or maybe FedEx! Or Xerox! All of these companies created virtual monopolies that helped them redefine the market; a market they actually conquered.

So, they received the greatest of all honours, they became verbs. Such honour is a distant reminder of the naming of streets after important personalities. This is another way to show respect towards the people who contributed to society. Similarly, ‘verbalising’ the name of a business indicates the acknowledgement of its contribution.

So, next time you chose a name for your company, make sure it can easily be turned into a verb!