In my previous post I declared that getting thousands of facebook Likes is not the Lean way. This is not entirely true. Lean startups rely on social media for the widespread dissemination of their message and facebook is crucial in the process. And yet, focussing on Likes in the beginning of the business is mostly counterproductive.

Once you get your first customers and, later, when you achieve product/market fit, growing your facebook following is essential. This is the point to create a brand of your newly formed company and to spread the word in your chosen market (s).

In order to achieve growth and viral marketing, you should follow the tips I compiled below.

  • 1. Provide value to your customers.

Your customers need to know that they will find some support on your page. The support may come predominately in the form of information. For example, if they are looking for gifts, provide them with links to ideas of gifts. Or, if they love history, provide them with links on stories.

Another type of support may be direct or indirect advice/ tips to their problems.

Occasionally, sharing your own experiences may give inspiration to the people who are desperate and feel that they have no viable options.

 2. Regularity

Make sure you publish every day 1-3 posts. The posts should be spread out across the day depending on the time zone you aim at. There are no set times. You will have to follow your followers carefully, in order to figure out when they are most likely to be online.

A word of caution: Do not post more than 3-4 times a day. Then it becomes tedious and annoying.

3. Add images or Videos

Statistics indicate that the use of images or videos increases the popularity of a facebook page. Make sure you interchange them with text messages. For example:

Image-Text-Video-Text-Image-Text and so forth.

 4. Shorten the length of your posts.

It is not a coincidence that twitter allows only 140 characters for your tweets. Similarly, you should be using around 100-140 characters when you post something on facebook. Make sure that the concentrated message is clear and captures the attention of the audience.

Follow this rule and you will see an increase of your Likes immediately.

 5. Personalise your posts.

Make sure that your page reflects who you are and what your central message is. Building a business page is similar to building your personal brand. Make sure that the message is consistent and that it has some of your interesting personality. This way, you will attract an audience who wants to listen to what you have to say.

 6. Watch the news

Some of your posts should reflect what is happening in society. Follow Google Trends to find out what your audience may be interested in, today.

As an example, when the royal baby was born this week, I received emails from several clothing companies that advertised their ‘prince’ and ‘princess’ baby clothes. You may catch the momentum in similar ways.

 7. Humor conquers the hearts and minds of people.

If you have any humor, use it to make people laugh. They will be returning to your page over and over again for more. So, spread the laughter and in the process, make substantial profits.

If you are not known for your humorous disposition, just share the funny comments of others.

 8. Add your facebook page url everywhere.

And when I say everywhere, I mean everywhere: your twitter account, you email signature, your blog, your linkedin account, your business card, your flyers… the side of your car. Everywhere!

 9. Tagging

Tagging was the way facebook spread its message and became popular to the crowds. Why don’t you do the same?

Get your camera, take a few photos, upload them to facebook and tag the people or institutions to whom you would like to send your message. Out of curiosity, they will check out who tagged them and why.

 10. Ask your friends to share your page.

Ask the ones who are closest to you to share your page with their friends. Even if only a couple answer back, it will be a great way to get more Likes. Make sure, though, to return the favour when the time comes.

 11. Make comments.

Make extensive comments to other pages, which have many thousands of followers. These pages should be similar to yours and attract the same type of people. Be respectful and add value in every comment.

When you make comments, you should ensure that you signed in facebook as your page.

Every time someone makes comments to your page, answer back and try to keep the discussion going.

 12. Use facebook adds.

Once you have a descent number of followers (200-300) you may want to consider buying facebook ads. Make sure you do not pay more than 10p per Like, or your money will be wasted. The trick is to appeal to a restricted crowed in an even more restricted geographical area.

 13. Pay for Likes.

Under normal circumstances I would not advise anyone to pay for Likes no matter how cheap. Usually, you new audience will not interact on the page, will not buy anything and certainly will not refer you to other customers. In addition, facebook strongly opposes to such actions and may punish you. So what is the appeal of buying Likes?

I suppose they may be useful in the case of affiliate marketing. If you need to show to your potential affiliates that your page is popular, investing in a few thousand Likes may be an excellent idea.

The above list is not an extensive one. You will make me and the readers of this blog extremely happy, if you add your own comments and ideas!



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