Almost nine months ago several of us decided it was time to create an ecosystem of startups in the city of Leicester, UK. The idea was to bring people together with common interests with the possibility of getting to know each other and collaborating at some point in the future.

Leicester is a medium sized city of around 350.000 inhabitants right in the middle of England. In the past, the startup scene has been slow and uncertain. For years, my husband and I have been socialising in the meetings held in nearby Nottingham. Nottingham seemed to attract a lot more budding entrepreneurs with a lot of potential. So what was wrong with Leicester?

There seems to have been an atmosphere that promoted increasing isolation. This situation was obviously unwanted. Several organisations, which held substantial funds, were in place to help but something seemed to be missing. Entrepreneurs were working alone in their own projects, some of them succeeding while others were failing. However, we never heard of them. In the meantime, I have not seen a substantial infrastructure that promoted collaborations, joint ventures, cofounded startups or any other such projects. So what changed in the last few months?

Epiphany! All at the same time, several of us decided to take an active interest in building a budding startup scene. New networking meetings sprang up in the Phoenix, all of them free of charge for those who wished to participate. Startups arrived first, and then investors and professionals followed. The startups gave talks, shared ideas. The investors and the professionals provided feedback, helped out and approached with interest the most serious young businesses. The older and more established organisations that help startups joined in the fun! Because of the reaction to our activities, our hopes are very high.

The outcome we were hoping for is yet to come. The idea behind creating an ecosystem was to create a fertile ground, where the seeds of prosperity will grow. The startups are still young but developing fast enough. We expect to see some concrete results by the end of the year and we would like you participate in our active community. For more information of our meetings check out

Tech Startups in Leicester
Creative Coffee in Leicester
Leicester Lean Startups

among other exciting opportunities organised by

Leicester for Business
LCB Depot

to mingle and do business.