It is astonishing how many startups serial entrepreneurs make. Not all of them are successful. In fact, most of them fail quickly, a fact that gives them the opportunity to move to greener pastures. They tend to move from one idea to another at the speed of light, until they discover the one that will be profitable. Or the one that interests them the most.

The one thing they like the most about this process is the excitement. Butterflies in the stomach, strong heartbeat, fluttering of the chicks. All of these are the feelings an early startup can cause to its founders.

Does it remind you of other instances in life? Of course! This is exactly how we feel when we fall in love! We cannot wait to meet the man or woman of our dreams! We count the hours, the minutes, the seconds. And when we are finally in his/ her presence, we do not want want to leave.

Similarly, we commit our hearts and soul to the startup during the first weeks. We live and breath our idea and we follow diligently the early steps we take to make it a reality. We are fully committed to our dream and we are ready to do anything to fulfil our vision.

These feelings are essential for an entrepreneur, even if they are not based on reality. Starting a startup is so difficult that we need the extra emotional support from our inner self. These exquisite emotions will sustain us later, when we have to face difficulties with partners, suppliers, customers, and the eventual failures.

So, enjoy the game for as long as it lasts!