Here in Ekonomia we are dedicated to helping startups and entrepreneurs with their businesses. We focus on customer development and product development that will ensure the success of the new business. In order to achieve this, we went out of our way to find the best possible method. This happens to be, none other, than the Lean Startup method as it has been promoted by Eric Ries, Steve Blank, Ash Maurya and others.

Before we decided to teach the most successful way to build a business, we tried it in our own businesses. And we are convinced that it works! As we eliminated, one by one, all the problems we faced in the past, it soon became clear that the Lean Startup Method is the certain way to success. We are now in the position to guide others in their new ventures and to provide them with concrete examples and the right background information.

In this blog we intend to include information on business building, customer building and product building. We will not restrict ourselves to tech businesses, although most businesses today have an online element. We are eager to prove that the Lean Startup method can be applied to most modern businesses, practices, consultancies, even shops.

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