It is not a coincidence that lean startup has been used extensively in large corporations and startups.

On one hand the term ‘lean’ reflects the methodology used by Mega corporations such as Toyota. It was employed successfully in manufacturing and it is (until today) the main way to cut waste in both time and money.

On the other hand, the second term ‘startup’ reflects its application in these organisations that are still trying to find their business model. This is a highly risky phase, full of uncertainties and hard work. Lean startup has been used successfully for several years and brings astonishing results to its practitioners.

Up to know, virtually no small and medium sized businesses have been using it. Why? One of the main reasons is ignorance. it has not been connected with their type of business, therefore it remained outside their ‘radar’. Secondly, SMEs do not have the luxury to pay high-priced consultants to teach them how to employ it. Lastly, most of these businesses focus on day-to-day management and they are not willing to try out something new, even if the results may (potentially) double or triple their income.

You are probably thinking, is ‘lean startup’ as a method applicable to SMEs? There is no doubt that it is not only applicable but it is also necessary for the growth of the business. Lean Startup is another way to achieve exponential growth through innovation, while you keep the costs low. It complements theories such as ‘disruptive innovation’ and ‘blue ocean’. With the difference that it is faster and cheaper.

After working with startups and corporations, I considered it necessary to adjust the method for SMEs. I have planned a 12-hour intensive course in Leicester. The course will be perfect for established companies who have reached a plateau and now are ready to innovate and grow. Each company will work on its own business model under the guidance of mentors. The course is FREE for business in Leicester City.

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Check out the program and if it applies to you. Whoever is interested should contact me directly, so that we can explore together whether I can help (or not). We will accept only 10 businesses for this exclusive course. And I do not plan to repeat it in the East Midlands.