Last week Stuart Bates from Yogi presented the basic operations behind his new startup at the Leicester Lean Startup Meetup. He spoke in front of a very receptive audience that was eager to listen to more tips and advice on how to build their own startup. And he did not disappoint anyone!

Stuart Bates is building a new service for Twitter users that will help us identify our EarlyVangelists, our future customers, our users and our referrals. The analytics tool he is developing will be ready soon and will make our lives easier and our statistics more accurate! Personally, I cannot wait!

There were a couple of points during the talk that deserve to be mentioned. First of all, Stuart presented the audience with a number of cards that included the most basic problems a startup is facing. These cards are the result of long and in-depth talks with customers. Stuart is now using them when he meets for the first time with new clients in order to identify the possible obstacles. The cards include phrases such as ‘I am afraid of going out there’ or ‘I do not know how to get customers’ or ‘I have no clue about business development’. Most clients seem to identify themselves with one or another situation, so Stuart seems to have had great results, so far.

The second point that was both astonishing and simple is that his interviews with clients last around one hour and a half. He described the process in detail, following lean startup methodology through and through. It soon became obvious that he is trying to dig behind what the client is saying in order to discover the real problem. After all, we know how well a client could lie, or how we may ‘guide’ the conversation, or how we may listen to what we want to hear. The long interviews are taking care of any possible misconceptions.

We hope to have Stuart with us soon, so that we find out more details about his method of setting up a business.