Don’t you love Techcrunch? After all, it brings inspiration and hope to our lives. I noticed that most startups I know follow its announcements and articles almost religiously!

Such religious fervour can only be explained by the implicit promises it makes. “You could be the one…” That is the one who can make it. The one who will create the startup, which will take the world by surprise. The one who will raise millions in investment capital. The one who will change the world. And so forth…

The success of Techcrunch lies on the fact that it brings hope to millions of entrepreneurs who are struggling to set up their own business. When you get up in the morning unready to face the reluctant clients or the impending pivot, Techcrunch is telling you stories about those who made it. And you could be the next one.

Seriously, it is not all about fairy tales and chasing Chimaeras. Techcrunch serves a much more tangible purpose than most would think. It gives us a concrete idea about the trends in technology and business.

All of us are after innovation, in an attempt to thrive, and carve a piece of the market for our businesses. Any news on the latest success is an excellent indication of the direction the market is taking. If we want to position ourselves in the best possible place, we need to have more information about what sells and what does not.

Of course, this type of news does not supplant traditional market research or cutting edge customer development. It is merely a platform from which new ideas and products may spring and settle into our consciousness.

There is a very big world out there, and we need to know about it. Just bear in mind that no matter how alluring this world may be, we still have to have our feet grounded into reality.

Also, other business models may be excellent and may be making an impact. However, this does not mean that we have to adopt them. In fact, any attempt to copy them as they are will probably end up in tears.

A business will be wildly successful only if it becomes unique. So, get your inspiration from Techcrunch case studies but, at the same time, release the creative forces lying underneath the surface of your consciousness. Only then, will you be able to come up with truly world-changing and awe-inspiring ideas.

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