I am fully aware that many of you will think that the title is ‘conflicting’. For the majority of people ‘Art’ and ‘Business’ are two different notions. The first represents a creative spirit, freedom of thought, a unique talent. The second is all about profit, enterprise, tactical abilities and leadership.

 I will have to disagree with anyone who things that Art and Business have nothing in common. I strongly believe that they are both creative forces, which define the life and work of the individual.

Art has not always been about freedom or artistic license. Think about artists before the twentieth century. They would always have a patron that supported them during their lifetime. Otherwise, it was impossible to make a decent living. Within the limitations of the patron’s intentions, the artist found a way to express his/ her own feelings, emotions, experiences and aspirations. Similarly, today’s artists would have to take into considerations the artistic sentiments of the public, if they want to survive.

In the same way a business person’s products are defined by the needs of the public. The customers will buy something to solve their problems and enhance their lives.. Accordingly, the business person is forced to recognise this need and to translate it into a tangible product or service. Within these restrictions the entrepreneur has to become intelligently creative so that s/he can distinguish himself/ herself from the crowd (that is, the other entrepreneurs).

Can you remember when you were most successful in your business? Was it when you followed a specific blueprint/ guide for growth? Or was it when you came up with a new idea that none before has implemented? Do you believe that playing it safe according to prescribed guidelines would bring you more profit than creating a unique and innovative business model?

 I have been around enough to know the answer. I have always been successful, because I have alway been creative, I have always pursued freedom of thought and I have always tried to discover my unique talents. Whether in academia or in the business world, I strived to live, think and work like an artist.

How about you? Can you think of any examples from your business that indicate artistic tendencies? If yes, could you, please, share them with the rest of us.