This year I have opted not to use one of the traditional publishers for my next book, Eazy Lean Startup. Instead, I would like to try the self-publishing route. At my age and with my book record I do not feel that I need to prove my worth as an author. So far, I have produced successfully five academic books and dozens of articles in accredited journals.

The main reason to self published is based on a real need for reducing the time of publication. In some cases, my books took up to three years to appear in bookstores; that is three years after I completed them. As my audience was mainly an academic one, I did not mind that much. Now, however, the public is much more demanding when it comes to acquiring a manuscript. In fact, they are willing to read a draft, instead of the final product, as long as it arrives in a timely fashion.

Another reason for self-publishing is the fact that I do not want to go through the elaborate, and stressful, process set by bureaucratic publishing houses. The hassle involved seems to be beyond my current patience. Usually it takes months of emails going back and forth in a futile dance of instructions, counter instructions, corrections and counter corrections.

Some of my friends mentioned that I will not be able to take advantage of excellent copyediting, proofreading and formatting for my manuscript. Not true! Instead, I decided to hire a freelancer from Fiverr who will arrange the details and get me through the process. I think I may be able to get the best of both words.

As for the final outcome, the public will be able to judge rather soon. As I have been working on the manuscript over the Easter holidays, I expect it to be ready in a few weeks time. Once I have the formatted document in my hands, I will upload it on Kindle and I will just sit back and watch its voyage.

I promise to keep you updated.

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