Over the years I have heard of many reasons to build a startup. Others are emotional, others are logical and others are both. They all come down to one element, though: Freedom.

Entrepreneurs have the constant search of freedom in common. They are suffering in the shackles large corporations impose on them. They feel constrained from managerial decisions others made for them. They choke every time their creativity is suppressed.

When the levels of oppression increase, for whatever reason, the entrepreneur has only one option. To leave and never come back! Unless, of course, starvation becomes a real issue in the process of building his/ her company!

In all fairness some enlightened corporations are making sustained efforts to keep entrepreneurial talent. They allow for more ‘free time’. They allow for creative individual decisions. They do not push or pull in a specific direction, if the employee is ‘performing’ well. Nevertheless, the honeymoon usually does not last long.

As soon as the wind changes, the entrepreneur is ready to sail for better, wider seas. After all, s/he is not afraid of the unknown and s/he is always ready to risk life and limb in the altar of success.

The most entrepreneurial of us have never managed to hold on a job long enough to feel the such oppression. Others had already their first startup, since they were teenagers. Even so, it is never too late to start!

So, if you feel that the world is closing around you. If you feel like you are suffocating every Monday morning. If you feel like you are ready to join the world, join the closest community of entrepreneurs and start planning your startup!

And, please, do not hide behind unnecessary excuses, such as:

I have a mortgage to pay.
My parents will be very disappointed in me.
My friends will not understand.
My wife will divorce me (actually this may be a possibility).
I do not know where to start from.
I am not ready to fly solo.

There is an answer for each one of the above excuses. The only way to start is to jump into the situation and embrace the possibilities. Once in a startup, you will either swim or drown. Hopefully, the first!

In the meantime, start planning your exit. Sort out your finances. Talk to your friends. Give notice to your boss!

And if you get stuck in the process, call me for a strong kick in the b..t!

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