Software developers are in high demand now. Everyone is looking for tech co-founders or someone to develop his/her website/platform. Universities do not produce them fast enough, while the ones with the degree at hand do not necessarily have the right qualifications.

The problem though is not the scarcity of these professionals but the direction they are taking. A large majority of software developers are creating products for this of their own kind- that is, other developers. The code they write is difficult, inaccessible and does not solve the problems of the public.

I know that we often advise entrepreneurs to scratch their own itch. It will be vastly more profitable, though, if some of our most talented developers tried to provide solutions to the problems of the rest of the world.

In order to achieve such an aim, there should be a kind of collaboration between people who belong in different disciplines. Why not partnering up, for example, bus drivers with event organisers with developers. The combinations are infinite and have the potential for exciting opportunities.

Interdisciplinary tends to breed new ideas and innovative ventures. It works very well with research and it could work even better in real life. The creative friction between people from different backgrounds always produces unexpected results that could be exceptionally profitable.

So, my idea is simple. Do not just get out of the building but also interact with people who are different from you. In the beginning there may be some misunderstandings or clashes. Do not let them inhibit you from hanging around in unexpected places. Talk to new faces and listen to them carefully. Try to understand their problems and offer solutions. Unless you are a convinced misanthropists, you will enjoy these new relationships immensely.

So, leave the computer behind you for a while, get out of your room, get out of the house and interact with other human beings in a meaningful way. I am eagerly looking forward to the results!