Independent reviews for your business are frankly invaluable. It is not a coincidence the fact that many companies make money out of reviewing products and services. Both the owners and the customers are grateful for this kind of service.

I am also very grateful for those of my customers who take the time to write about the value I provide. I am not just grateful! I am over the moon every time I take a peak at the couple of lines that may refer to my own services.

Imagine my surprise- excitement- happiness- pride today when I read not one but two blog posts on the value I provide to the community.

The first blog post comes from Mexican writer, journalist and blogger Cynthia Rodriguez. Cynthia lives in Leicester and she offers to write and re-write LinkedIn profiles. (I cannot recommend her services strongly enough). A couple of weeks ago she stumbled into the unfinished Incubate in order to find a quiet corner to work. She just stayed for the day writing happily away. After she left, she wrote the most wonderful blog post I could hope for, full of photos and eloquent descriptions.

You can read the blog post here.

As if my happiness was not enough, I noticed a second blog post in the web. This came from Tara Roskell, a talented designer who came to our Startdom Weekend in the beginning of April. Tara is preparing to conquer the world with her own startup, which provides support to creatives. So, she rightly participated at our event, in order to learn how to become her own boss as quickly as possible. Not only did she enjoy the weekend but she threatened us to return :)

Of course, after the following blog post she is most welcome to come to us many events as she likes.

Read all about her experience here.

Thank you for putting up with my joy!


Photo from Onomatomedia (Wikimedia Commons)