I am annoyed! Very annoyed! And I have been brewing in relative silence for months! Oh well… I have been venting in private (friends and family) but never in public!

Seriously, I do not understand why so many people automate their twitter accounts. Most of them have only a few hundred followers anyway. Instead of connecting with them, as this is the person of social media, they preferring spamming them with irrelevant messages and littering their inbox.

I have unfollowed such accounts many times. I think I may be allergic to spam (not the food)! So, I decided to put together a list of NoNos.

1. Do not send an automated message when someone follows you for the first time. Some accounts either send DM messages or messages on the stream of the follower. Whoever makes contact with you for the first time may need some breathing space to lurk around and figure out what you are all about. As in every relationship, Back Off! I need my space.

2. Do not buy followers on twitter. These are not targeted audiences. They are random accounts (most of them bots) that were created in distant countries, e.g. Turkey, Saudi Arabia, India and beyond. They are of no use personally or professionally to anyone.

3. Avoid feeds that go through promotional pages. Actually, this will definitely piss of Twitter! Not just me! They specifically state that “Posting automated links that redirect through landing or ad pages before the final content is prohibited”. I am sure there are better marketing techniques to follow.

4. Do not send automated replies based on keyword searches. I have no wish to receive a lot of tinned messages just because I posted a tweet that included #startups! I know when a reply is automated and I do not answer! Time wasters are strictly prohibited in my work and life.

Bear in mind that other automated behaviours, e.g. favouriting every tweet, could backfire against your brand. I am not concerned with these cases. I just wanted to mention the behaviour I cannot stand when I am trying to building a relationship with the people I follow or follow me.

Just saying…