Patrick Collister, Head of Design, Zoo, Google

Apart from a couple of unfortunate remarks about the anthropomorphic nature of brands and its origins in the 19th century, the rest of the lecture was top notch.

He starts by talking about the power of ideas and creativity. How to avoid the internet for ideas and then turn to a good book or magazine.

He continues by explaining to connection of the brand with consumer trust bringing examples from East Africa and UK. Bottom line, ‘you sustain a brand through trust’. This happens through official as well as unofficial communication.

He insists to know who your target audience is not. Who are the people you are not interested in? If the wrong people use your product it could undermine the image of the brand.

Brands are associated with specific values. It is not a coincidence that several girls are named after Mercedes, Chanel etc.

A Brand is also about differentiation from the competition. And in the process, the brand should be reinventing itself in order to remain in the top of the market.

For the rest, you should really watch this movie…

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